15 March 2007

6 medicine head

because it has been over a year since i was in the presence of partner and thus, i have begun to pine- i've turned to that show beloved by grandmothers the world over. dr. quinn: medicine woman.

as teenagers, partner and i completely related to dr. quinn, medicine woman- an 1870s hoity-toity, virgin female doctor who moves from boston to the colorado frontier, becomes a single parent, falls in love with a bad boy who runs around with indians, and proceeds to let her highfalutin opinions get her into every imaginable type of trouble. i don't know how the hell that was like us, but at the time it really was.

i've been powering through dr. quinn disc after disc since christmas and only just hit the midway point. and i continue to be struck by how absolutely completely gloriously ridiculous this show is.

the moral of dr. quinn? that all problems- racism, sexism, ageism, atheism, political corruption, deceit, censorship, suffrage, kidnapping, whoring, boozing, military desertion, morphine addiction, etc.- can be resolved with the throw of a tomahawk. a simpler time, no?


Clark MF Price said...

The next time you have a problem just try throwing a tomahawk for yourself. You might come to find out that it works here in this time too. I think that it will work especially well when a paleface is trying to steal your land and women.

oline said...

hmm. alls i have is the red foam braves tomahawk and that might not do the trick.

i am, however, glad that my status as a land-owning madam whose brothel might come under threat from palefaces has at long last been recognized.

Les Savy Ferd said...

so that was what all the paint was for. just beauty-ing up the ole house of ill repute.

Clark MF Price said...

Never underestimate the power of a foam tomahawk with enough chutzpah backing it.
If you keep mentioning brothel enough on the internet you will get a visit from Charlie Sheen. My friend Pittman and I were discussing how cool Charlie Sheen is to us. We then went on how we would love to a social even which included Charlie Sheen, Christopher Walken, Rutger Hauer, and Harrison Ford. Titled "Scary yet Cool MoFo Party!!!1"
AAAAAND I'm out!

oline said...

pirate, you got it. the pillbrothel needed to be in ship shape so bombsy and i can collect some quality material for the brothelbox.

clark, i'm not sure that we could say that i have chutzpah. ballast, yes, but chutzpah not quite (incidentally- gross gross word). and by the by- heard "if you like pina coladas" at cvs today and ALL i could think of was lawrence's fight sequence. glorious.

Clark MF Price said...

Every time that I watch Scrubs and I hear Turk squeal, it reminds me of Lawrence. Oh my poor poor long lost friend.