10 March 2007

6 joan jett of arc

sometimes i get a little intense. like this whole painting thing. yes, it's just interior decorating, but it's also a deep, undeniable psychological impulse. i must paint. i cannot not paint. this place must be painted. everywhere there must be paint.

i moved in with a vision. A VISION. it was going to be unspeakably awesome. and for some reason, from the first, i operated on the belief that it had to get unspeakably awesome unspeakably fast and that almost all of the unspeakable awesomeness hinged upon paint.

there has been a whole lot of paint. sunburst and cloudless and flamingo dream and ivory hope. i've been to home depot so many times that the dude in the paint department has dubbed me "rainbow bright."

but there was the lingering question of the kitchen- the only boring corner of the kingdom. my creativity had run dry. i had no clue. and then thursday night, as i lazed about sipping lambic and talking to my mum and staring at the black and white tiles trying to reconcile myself to a pair of yellow toile curtains that i was quite sure were a colossal mistake, it hit me. A VISION. at long last.

because i can't quite bring myself to forsake the raven hair for red, i took the kitchen wall red instead. and i thank God in heaven above that i didn't paint the kitchen first, because the kitchen was a hell of a bitch to paint.

the dénoument: me wedged behind the stove, a paint brush in one hand, and my right foot in a gallon of red paint as the ill-advisedly placed sprinkle supply plummeted from the refrigerator and rained its contents down.

the paints are hammered closed. the brushes are put away. it is done. finis.


Bombsy said...

oh my god you cannot forsake the raven hair for red. i would get so scared. you were kidding right? right?!?

oline said...

never fear, bombsylove- we're not SWF. i'm staying raven (as in haired, not symone) because it would indeed be scary. but i did meet this greek the other day... kidding!

Les Savy Ferd said...

you're finished... at least until you paint our place, and by our i mean chez crofts, and by chez i mean house of i mean two bedroom groundfloor apartment with a rear garden and cats.

oline said...

i will be accompanied, right? you're not just expecting me to show up one day at chez croft, paint pots and brushes in hand and go to town alone, no? if so, prepare yourself for a ground floor apartment full of flamingo dream.

Bombsy said...

y'all, her kitchen looks fabulous, fyi.

oline said...

it seriously looked like the scene of a ritualistic slaughter for awhile there. but in the end- a big yay for the "red hot!" kitchen.