25 March 2007

2 in good company

my mum doesn't like tabloids. she's never read them. as a kid she was told that they were "dirty" and she vividly remembers frowning at my beloved movie magazines. what i see as serialized archetypal feminist narratives, she's always seen as trash.

thus, my mum's obsessive interest in this whole anna nicole smith business came as quite the shock. i'm a tabloid enthusiast and, even for me, the novelty waned fast. i can't begin to fathom what is arresting her attention.

a recent spate of family travels, extracurriculars, and old folks drama has necessitated many a marathon phone call over the past few weeks and each of these calls has been punctuated by periodic breaking anna nicole news.

i often forget that the tabloids have pervaded our whole silly world and begin to fear that my logic alone has been grossly skewed. then my mum begins a sentence with, "according to star and the national enquirer..." and responds to my derision of them as "excellent authorities" with the defensive retort, "well, geraldo thinks so!"


Les Savy Ferd said...

tabloids, eh? I get my pulp elsewheres. but i'm glad you are not one of those hoity-toity types. not that this blog post has added anything to my CarOknowledge. as in I already knew you aren't the hoity-toitess.

oline said...

i think our open intake of lots o' pulp culture ensures the hoity-toits and tesses get weeded out on the pretty quick.

ps. menomena are showing me a dandy swell time.