28 January 2007

7 the pillbarracks (b-side)

2 years, 4 apartments

the pillbarracks

the best apartment-warming gift ever:
the father cupcake frog guards

a room with a view

the other room


war paint

my blue room

the lap of luxury


Les Savy Ferd said...

looks pretty freakin great. if i were a room i'd want to be a part of your ment. and if i were a me i'd want to hang out there too. and for a second i thought the exposed word in the final pic was 'rogue' and was all excited you were reading books on my ilk. gw.

oline said...

swear i will cook for you guys or something to make up for the all the box stops and yesterday's tree debacle.

and if the maison de croftO needs coloring, i'm there with bells on.

Maura said...

Your apartment looks fantastic.

oline said...

thanks, m.
what a difference another room can make.

Meggie said...

Caro! It looks so spacious!! *L* We might almost be on par with living spaces now in terms of size. Of course, I'm upgrading soon. Mine is going to be put on the market in a couple of weeks. Miss ya like crazy.

oline said...

i might actually be bigger than you for the moment. which seems only just given that i was living in a teepee in comparison before.

Meggie said...

Hey, give me some credit. I've got 650 sq feet and one door. *L* It makes it seem more open.

Mike's condo befuddles me. Doors everytime you turn around. It's like Attack of the Doors. There are at least 5 doors in that condo.