19 January 2007

4 meet me @ the subway

bombsy: (1.57) meet me at the subway at halsted and armitage at 3.30?

oline: (2.44) that's the armitage stop on the brown line, right?

bombsy: (2.51) no sugar, its east of armitage brown line.

oline: (2.52) is it the north & clyborne stop?

bombsy: (2.53) brown line! armitage!

oline: (2.55) red line, right? what stop?

bombsy: (2.56) actually pretty easy to walk to. just go left on halsted.

oline: (2.57) sheesh! ok.

oline: (2.57) OH!!! subway the sandwich place!!!

bombsy: (2.57) ok, that was funny.

oline: (3.00) wow.


oline said...

in our continuing tales of urban bohemia, there was totally a man peeing in the street in front of my building tonight. in light of my impending relocation, it's amazing how fast this end of the street is going downhill.

Meggie said...

*nods* I have homeless in my backyard. It's part of being urban dwellers.

How was the Subway experience? Better than our last one in Chicago? Creepy guys that kept on staring at us throughout the entire meal. Oh, and next time we decide to eat that much food in one sitting, shoot us.

Bombsy said...

that was so funny. i was like "is she messing with me? is she intoxicated right now?" in retrospect, that was very much bad. sigh.

oline said...

meggie, this was more of a meeting outside the subway. so no creepsters.

bombsy, hello neighbor!