05 November 2006

15 quote absurd

for years and years i've collected quotes. written on post-its and receipts, scrawled in journals and books, jotted down on a decade-old dollar bill. because sometimes people say the greatest things- the most fabulous, completely fantastically articulate, off-hand things.

the people i run with have a propensity for saying these things. maybe that's a prerequesite for admission to my circle- the ability to capture the banal with a clumsy twist of entirely appropriate words.

i don't quite know what i plan to do with these quotes. there are hundreds by now. there's always been the joke that i'll write the world's most underlineable novel, but really i have no idea. it seems rather wrongish to pilfer from the brilliance of one's own friends. exploiting their hastily uttered words simply because i had the wherewithal to write them down.

but there's no forum for quotes. they are weak. they require context. they demand good presentation. they cannot stand alone. but then i thought, hell. they're just quotes. let them fend for themselves.

“sandwiches will take you places."

"this is why people don't just wear one shoe... because they knock over their christmas trees."

"i loved that class. it sent me on a black, downward spiral, but i loved it so."

“some people find God, others find golf.”

“there just isn’t enough time in the day to do all the napping you want to do.”

"i don't know how people can leave actual kids at home when i can barely leave a cat."

"no one should call you for anything but fun stuff."

"if you're going to talk with a damn in the background, you've got to put a dear in the fore."

“it’s hard to be a practicing icon.”

"menopause lasts ten years and you will have zits until you die. these are the things they never tell you."

“when it’s good, it’s really good. when it’s bad, it seems far more sinister than it really is.”

“you can’t be aloof if you’re driven by countdowns.”

"there are situations where being the scariest person in the room doesn't pay off."

"our lives would be so different if mary jo kopechne had been a man."


Les Savy Ferd said...

that is a treasure trove. by the by, is the any other kind of trove? I could really use a sock trove.

oline said...

oh my lands (and if you have no lands, what the hell does that mean? feel rather inadequate in my unlandedness). clearly- and this is so obvious i don't know how it didn't occur to me lifetimes ago- the quote trove should be incorporated into EMSB&SS. because of all the projects our group has going i think EMSB&SS has the greatest likelihood for literary success.

i ask you, who isn't going to buy a book entitled evil man smells baby and stabs snowman written by someone named the dread pirate dougO? only stupid people could resist the allure of that. so i hereby grant you, pirate, full access to the quote trove (except for those quotes so obviously screaming for incorporation in oline's future work- the greatest chick lit novel of our time).

personally, i'm more into military metaphors- the chap stick armada, the glue stick batallion, the note card squadron, etc. but i believe there can be troves of all varieties. so you could have a sock trove, a t-shirt trove, a nabakov trove, and a kitty trove. i don't see why trovism should be limited to treasures- tho one could argue that our socks, nabakov, and kitties are all treasures. trove away.

(and yes, after 72 hours of kara b. and the subsequent five hours alone, i am starved for companionship and the vieve is not enough.)

nick said...

i've got an inkling as to who the icon quote came from...

Bombsy said...

Some of those sound vaguely familiar....

oline said...

bombsy, honey. for months you've seen me scribbling things for your three-part autobiography- if only i hadn't forgotten the title to that damn vol. 2. grrrr. but at least we've got 1 and 3. can i be your ghost writer? clearly, photographs would be involved.

Clark MF Price said...

I can't seem to get away from people who document quotes. My current group of friends had a quote board, until it was filled up. Now we have a quote door, written with a Sharpie. Sadly, now most of the quotes are just lascivious, but there are still some gems there.

Meggie said...

We always had quote walls which were usually stupid things we said...

And Caro, I think I'm left out. And I think my life is the brunt of your chick lit novel so come on! *laughs* BTW, sent you an update so please reciprocate!! *gently admonishes*

oline said...

clark, are these quote documenting math/science people? if so, am impressed!

meggie eggie, don't you dare feel left out. your life is indeed the brunt of the greatest chick lit novel of our time (tho really i like to think of it as "feminine literature"), thus your quotes are all mine (and um... yours, i guess) and cannot be shared with the masses at this time.

Les Savy Ferd said...

while I am flattered you've given me unfettered access to the quote trove, I hardly think my own personal literary endeavor has any greater chance at success than the numerous other projects underway by the JBB crowd.

What would be far more useful is our own publishing house. Now all we need is a clever name. I must admit, the coolest name of any publisher I've come across (and I deal with hundreds of them... daily) is 'Atomic Dog' Publishers. Their logo is even a facsimile of the famous pooch whose head is cocked listening to a phonogragh machine only there's no phonograph machine and he's got little radioactive lines shining all around him in an ominous yet clearly comical penumbral glow.

so yeah, ours will be... '_______' Publishers. A JBB production company.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i don't actually suggest we be 'fill in the blank' publishers. I merely wanted to encourage y'all to fill in said blank. by the by, its quote foggy outside today.

oline said...

as the one who deals with hundreds of publishers... daily, dread pirate, you should obviously be the name master.

the crofter and i have pondered this, but we went the uncreative route with "jack black's body publishers," which is nowhere near as thrilling as it should be. personally i'm quote fond of "fill in the blank publishers, inc." it's so post-modern. also fil'n th' blancke sounds as though it were founded on a heath in the wee morning hours. and that's always fun.

if we were aiming to make my resume a little less black (which i am all for), we could go for Jack White's Baby, Inc.: Jack Black's Body Production Co. but that's all i've got.

by the repeatedly bought bye, what would be the title of our group movie? in which your kitties are being played by whom?

Bombsy said...

I say Scotland Yard Publishers, to commemorate the foggy-ness of today.
Or PickleBarryVieve Publishers.

Clark MF Price said...

Yep Yep. Pretty much computer science, a couple of engineers, and a dash of education and history people. Quotes abound.

oline said...

what about Barry Pickled Vieve Publishers?

as the great gerundizer i very much appreciate this newfangled usage of pickled as a verb describing the banging of one's head into things.

Les Savy Ferd said...

you've so got a new stage name. Ladies and Gentlemans, may i present to you, in accordance with Jack Black's Body, the one, the only... the great gerundizer!