23 October 2006

5 la bombsybox

la bombshell avec le comte d'ruckus

the royal family

le comte d'ruckus

le dauphin

la oline de leibovitz & d'ruckus


nick said...

you two are too awesome for words.

Bombsy said...

it's actually cupcake that's too awesome...it was all her idea and doing. i just wore alot of stuff in my hair and held some cats.

oline said...

bombsy, i just brought a crap camera and found a good place to sit. your hair did all the work. this is now our new thing!

Bombsy said...

i love how in the one picture, ruckus is blatantly displaying his balls.
yup..i said "balls" on cupcake's blog.

oline said...

wow. i guess if the cupcake is going to unknowingly introduce full frontal exposure, it's only fitting that the bombshell exploit the vernacular to point it out.