28 October 2006

8 "i mean, it's great if you actually have the time of your life, but we're sure as hell going to make it look like you did."

"scientists get together to discuss new ideas and results"
(and eat really crap food)

the witches of the brown bags

mr & mrs lindear


oline in mirrors

we're so hot right now

oh! the fritos
(after a midnight oline confession of a rarely indulged, fervent passion for fritos, mr. lindear collected 12,000 cool points for including them in the group bagged lunch)

"so... yeah... there went our train."


Meggie said...

Carolina, remember our last discussion on the sunglasses? So, yeah, I see your point now.

Awww, cute photos! Our next get together needs to include cute photos. Not 7 a.m. "we're shopped out" photos.

Bombsy said...

I miss you.

oline said...

meggie-yes, the HUGE sunglasses are getting a little out of control. but at least am no longer in denial. we'll definately have to whole-ass the photos next time and take them during the day before we stay up all night rather than the morning after.

bombsy- it has been twelve years at least since we were last in the same room. tomorrow? please! you don't even have to sit at the same table as me, just so long as your leopard-printed, lipsticked aura is there.

Meggie said...

Are you coming to TN for Christmas? As far as I know, I'm here for Christmas. Mike's planning on going to Germany for Christmas so you won't get to meet him. He's met my wife. Now he needs to meet my soulmate. *laughs* If they ever legalize gay marriage, we're gonna confuse people.

oline said...

now that the lindears have vowed to include an oline stocking on their mantle, must come to town to collect the (frito?!) bounty. probably going to wind up flying in/out there since it's a bazillion dollars cheaper than MEM. no idea when but'll keep you posted. there'll obviously be a condo tour. i must meet the prof leary rug.

Meggie said...

You're in luck! Prof. Leary is doing well. *laughs* Brightens me up. The guys always go "huh" at it. Let me know if you need pick up/drop off service. I live and work close to the airport so I'll be happy to be your chauffeur.

Les Savy Ferd said...

a) scientists... is there anything they can't do?

or, or, bear with me a moment on this one:

b) scientists... what'll they do next?

or, or maybe:

c) science... where knowledge is king!

or, or possibly:

d) science... Math's best friend since 1582!

oh, c'mon don't leave!, one more:

e) Science... its like art, only empirical!

okay, so i don't know what that means either.

oline said...

i vote for D.

an official pronouncement-
yesterday at the intersection of broadway, clark, and diversy, croftie and i saw a woman wearing lindear's spangled hat. the very same spangled hat. in broad daylight. unironically. so i think this means lindear and i were just way ahead of our times- if the trend we promulgated is only just now riding into town on the heads of tourists from the hinterlands.