16 September 2006

2 the week in typos

"Some men can be woozy when it comes to taking care of their health. But men, don't be a wooze!"

"Braddock was killed by her husband then committed suicide."

"Overall the staff are incapable of remaining calm in crisis situations. They have repeatedly demonstrated their inability to be anything but historical and lazy when under pressure."


Meggie said...

*happy sigh* You know my fondness for typos. My favorite being "Pt. is a 78 year old bowel movement." Best ever.

nick said...

today coalition forces in afghanistan began a new offensive against taliban militants called, "operation mountain fury." it was mistakenly put into one of our internal news notes as, "operation mountain furry."

but my immediate response to hearing the ridiculous name of this particular military campaign was to ask if it would be immediately followed by "operation savannah complacency," before the third and final stage, "operation valley glee."