07 September 2006

5 too cool for school

it's a well-known well-known fact that croftie and i are too cool for school and that a huge chunk of that too cool for schoolness lies in our weekly girlie movie nights. but, the beauty of our too cool for schoolness is also our ability to augment said too cool for schoolness (and to write gloriously impossible to read aloud too cool for school sentences) and take it up a notch. so with the turning of the seasons and the lack of actual school in our lives, we're doing just that.

we're watching saved by the bell.

the AWESOMENESS is incommunicable.


Les Savy Ferd said...

is it possible to be SO too cool for school that one actually becomes so cool as to properly re-matriculate?

nick said...

"sing? sing? i'm so excited! i'm s-s-soo excited! i'm so... scared!"

-jessie spano

oline said...

like that quote really needed to be identified?! like we all haven't ever since thought, argh! if i take drugs, i'll wind up wearing scary workout clothes, manically singing the pointer sisters to my cosby sweater-wearing best friend. think that scene alone pretty much encapsulates why i don't do most of what i don't do!

nick said...

that was SbyB giving the after school special the finger. "we've got your social conscience right here!" my favorite part of the episode was screech pretending to be jessie while she was at home recuperating from starbucksidous. he was robbed an emmy for that one.

oline said...

think i can pretty safely say SBTB was beyond our wildest dreams. and that slater's pants were entirely too tight.