05 June 2006

2 a staunch woman

an obscene percentage of you people (essentially, my 6 friends) haven't read "a rose for emily." it's faulkner (who was 4' 10"). like faulkner, it's short. it's gothic. it's brilliant. and it's creepy as birds. so go HERE.


Les Savy Ferd said...

whoa whoa whoa. back the truck up. 4'10"!!!?

(ps- birds are great, not creepy)

oline said...

my american lit II teacher, dr. hargrove, said he was 4' 10" and though i haven't been able to find any evidence of that- photographic or written (because when you look up "short faulkner" you get "faulkner short stories"- which was clearly a deliberate way of concealing his own shortness. he was a clever little man) i stand by it. now what was with that big swath of white space? did it signify the (short) ghost of faulkner? and YES. birds are creepy.