07 June 2006

0 oh ya'll

i'm pretty indifferent to britney spears. i frowned when she and JT wore the matching denim outfits but that was about it. then there was this photo. let me break it down. this is pregnant britney in new york crying in the cafe of FAO schwartz with her son, moments after photogs snapped her nearly dropping him in the street when her wedgies got caught in the hem of her too-long jeans. the tragedy is multi-layered: the pebbles flintstone hair, the visible bra, the fact that she had no less public place to have a meltdown, the tear about to drip from the end of her nose. this picture made me want to write her letters, to buy her albums, to attend her concerts, to become her personal stylist and to stand with a WE LOVE YOU placard outside her home. at the very least i'll be wearing my kitschy britney t-shirt in earnest today.

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