27 June 2006

2 colliewood

the collie is the eaton family dog. it's the only kind of dog we've ever had so there's clearly quite a bond there. we share a whimsical nose, an english heritage and a fondness for organization (ie. herding). and since we're big fans of rebound pets, we've never not had a collie.

but exempting those 6 months of squatting after grad school with queen cookie monster, i haven't lived at home for seven years. and with this last big grown-up move, the lack of collies in my life has really hit hard. the bombshell and i ran into one in the park last night, and it took every measure of self-control not to throw myself down the hill to pet her. i want one. i really want one.

my building doesn't allow dogs (or cats for that matter, but shh! vieve is a person of fur) and i adamantly plan to live here for two full years. but come feburary 2008, bungalow or no, my collie's coming home. am thinking merlin. because lancelot is just a wee bit much. then again, paired with genevieve, merlin might make me sound arthurianly ignorant. hmmm. thank heavens there's always phelan and paulina.


Bombsy said...

Arthurianly ignorant...I think if you are able to wonder if you're Arthurainly ignorant, you are probably not.
Like schizophrenia.

psonica said...

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