04 May 2006

1 what the hamptons sweater hath wrought

from approximately 4.11 p.m. to 11.09 p.m. CST on may 4th, 2006 AD, esla was seriously kerfuffled. the end result is a pair of tattered feet (from the lessons the nature of which cannot be revealed at this time), a new disgust for the hamptons sweater, and a bevy of zany JBB outake photographs.* due to public demand, JB's darling editors will soon be posting their own masterworks, the scariness of which they hope to deflect by simultaneously posting winningly self-deprecating portraits, of which the following (and yes, we regularly read roget's) are but a glimmer. prepare yourselves, people. they're beyond your wildest dreams.

*if you're asking "can it be? is this right? what about the dictatorial JBB exclusivity clause that forbids all JBBers from blogging their JBB contributions?" to answer those questions: it is; it is right; and the darling JBB editors weild their exclusivity powers with the utmost fickleness- particularly toward anyone who will promote JBB and the JBB cause with reckless JB-like abandon.

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Bombsy said...

You ladies look H-O-T! Like naughty librarians.
You're be-yoo-ti-FULL