27 May 2006

4 the latest love of my life

p. kitty
because there's just something about a six fingered man.

p. kitty's hard at work on his novel, clothing line, and recording career, as well as juggling both a bombshell and a jezabel. and, of course, i'm already in love with vieve (not to mention jezzy, pickle, barry white toes, silky in the bowl, gaylord, and callie- i do get around). so this relationship really can't go anywhere. but look how cute we are...

(and how we have eerily same sized eyes.)


Les Savy Ferd said...

somewhere to the south a black surly scrumpler and his grey sister mew quietly in the night for it seems their stars burn less brightly than they once did. *sniff*

oline said...

please please dry their tears and tell the surly scrumpler and his grey sister- in the most youthfully exhuberant (GW!) tone you can muster- that i so very very much HEART them. but since i'm presently required to pet p. kitty on a daily basis, it's difficult to be impervious to his rather robust charms.

Bombsy said...

Oh, my chubby little ladykiller, Phoeburonni. He always keeps it real..however, his career as a rap artist has come to a screeching halt, as he has remebered he is mute.
Jezebel is hard at work on her memoirs, to be entitled "Nobody's Favorite Cat" inspired by a recent encounter with HH, who, after encountering her vomit on his shoe demanded of her in the most earnest of tones "Why can't you be more like Phoebus?"
Oh, my babies.

oline said...

i would like it to be known that i ADORE jezzy. she's the elizabeth taylor of cats (minus the weight gain, drug problems, jewelry addiction and divorces).