03 May 2006

3 dear mr. the edge

we need to talk. i've loved you for years (though, yes- not as much as adam). i've loved you despite the cowboy hat, the vests, the chest hair and the tie-dyed pants. despite the all too frequent pairing of blacks and browns. despite the fact that you're famous, have millions and yet have forgone the use of rogaine. despite the horrifying live "stuck in a moment" falsetto of 3/30/01. even despite the fact that at 3 out of 4 award shows, you acknowledge the contributions of others with the line: "without (insert random band/artist name here), there would be no (insert random u2 hit here)." through all of this, i have loved you. and then you had to bring dave matthews into it. dave freaking matthews. mr. the edge, you have broken my heart.


Mr. Biggs said...

I happen to know firsthand that Mr. Edge was trying to be ironic.

He's wacky that way.

Worry not.


Bombsy said...

Mr. The Edge called, and he said to tell you his heart still beats for Oline alone, even if she has moved on...to Chipotle. Or Subway.

oline said...

what a sly miss b. but no subway. definately NO MORE. chipotle on the other hand...yum!