24 May 2006

4 chicago rocks!

REASON #9,411: people who dress like this and go to the warhol show.

exhibit a. the man in mesh: the figure on the left is wearing skinny jeans; white high heeled cowboy boots; a red shirt, a white tunic-length shirt, and a black mesh tank top. he is carrying a rather large brown leather bag with considerable fringe (most likely containing bowie 8 tracks and velvet goldmine on laserdisc). a matching brown leather lanyard firmly secures his chestnut brown mullet.

exhibit b. the man who might have been a woman: the figure on the right makes the emaciated figure on the left look almost hefty. he is wearing super-skinny jeans; black low heeled boots; a peach colored t-shirt topped with a black leather vest; and carrying a large black bag. his mullet is a flaming orangy red. there's a 32% chance he is a woman.

and so, from on high, andy- angel of all kitschy glam fabulousness- smiled down on them (and us as we skipped in their wake, awed) on this, the first warm sunny spring day in far too long.


Bombsy said...

So if the one on the right is my boyfriend, does that mean there's a 32% chance I'm gay???!!!???
I guess when in the presence of andy-angel and velvet goldmine, there is no need for a label. We'll take the whole she-bang.

oline said...

so the more i think about your boyfriend, the more torn i am. he was rain-thin and if you combine that with the phantom cleavage, he almost has to be a woman. but he SO looked like a man. and a woman would have had slightly better hair than that. less wookie and more chrissie hynde. don't you think? so he was a man who might have been a woman but was most probably a man.

Bombsy said...

I think perhaps my Hellenic one has colored my idea of what a MAN is. I'm biased now..if they don't have big strong hands and bootish-type footwear...
Sigh. I heart men.

oline said...

yeah so that sends the percentage of your probable gayness plummeting. silly bombshell!