29 May 2006

6 25 + 1 (to grow on)

25) walk on
24) mysterious ways (meximofo ver.)
23) one tree hill
22) pride
21) hawkmoon 269
20) into the heart/an cat dubh
19) where the streets have no name
18) yahweh
17) lemon
16) so cruel
15) "40"
14) love and peace or else
13) mofo
12) running to stand still
11) in a little while
10) the wanderer
9) new year's day (War ver.)
8) gone
7) wake up, dead man
6) all i want is you
5) please
4) with or without you (R&H ver.)
3) first time
2) exit
1) bad
*** ultraviolet ***

postscript: if you're wondering "WHERE ON EARTH IS 'ONE'???" check the comments. here's a rather hard to hear but nonetheless good version of the verse mentioned. here's a rather incredibly melodramatic albeit easier to hear version. neither quite captures it, but you get the idea.


JJerm said...

No "One?" Really? Caro, really? "One." Off Acthung Baby? The best u2 album. This is killing me, really it is.

"Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?"

Seriously, now that is a top 25 line right there.

I'm not sure I've ever said this, but I'm going to need an explanation. With diagrams. Flow charts. Color copies.

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing. Where is "One"??? Possibly the best U2 song *ever* in my opinion. Disappointed babe. Disappointed.

oline said...

knew J would call me on that one but meggie! heavens. ok. going to try to do this without diagrams or flow charts (which seem entirely too mathtastic). if it turns out you need color copies- could probably manage that.

so these were the top 25 that i love utterly and completely. both on albums and live.

i adore "one" but i disproportionately totally, absolutely, utterly and completely LOVE it live. with the extra verse, the prayer at the end. the whole "hear us clawing at your door" bit- ah. can't even articulate it. it makes me shiver.

while they hardly ever do the 4th almost unspeakably awesome verse of "with or without you" live, pretty much since the zootv tour they've included a version of this verse in "one." and without that, the studio version is just incomplete to me. it wouldn't fit into the album with the prayer, but the absence demotes it to #26 on this list. the live version would fall around #3 or #4. but that's a list for another day.

does that redeem me somewhat?

JJerm said...

okay, the coda at the end is wonderful and amazing as well (always loved when bono attached "unchained melody" to it also). not sure if that is enough to knock it off the list though("one" is in my top ten songs ever, by anyone), but i'll let it go this time.

now, tell me about this mystery verse in "with or without you." i'm in the dark.

oline said...

since the unspeakably awesome part of the WOWY mystery verse features a primordial version of "one" and since i specifically cited that version of WOWY, by extension "one" is already on the list (though admittedly in a rather far out bootlegged only insiders would know way). i rest my case.

that said- ironically, it would definately go in my top 20 songs by anyone. which kind of doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

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