18 April 2006

0 the surreal life

this past weekend in memphis was surreal. to quote hugh grant in notting hill (the movie that made me hate julia roberts for 9 years): surreal, but nice. i think. spent time with the parents, saw the grandparents, ate all the things my family has to eat when we've been away from memphis (a sonic kids meal, a bbq sandwich, bbq pizza, homemade french toast and formosa chinese) and had a long surprisingly fun walk with the boss along the bluffs. being with my family was truly lovely- can't overstate that enough. but then there were these really bizarro moments where it felt like i'd either never left or had invaded some other oline's little memphis life. driving up madison to work at 7 a.m. on monday morning with the windows rolled down and the whole city inexplicably smelling like doughnuts as the skyline shimmered up ahead. meeting the boss at the bon-ton for oatmeal as though it were any other day. an out-of-body experience as i was passed from one hug to another throughout the office. bumping into one of our photographers who's always looked at me just a little too closely and looked even closer this time to draw the conclusion that the city really "agrees" with me, a statement that he made sound very dirty old man. (he wore a bright red floral shirt and bright blue floral shorts that were wrong in so many ways. he said, "it's my day off. i'm free!" the boss whispered, "no one should be that free."). phone calls, dinner, and a movie (because i wanted to see thank you for smoking THAT badly) with The Boy Who Doesn't Make Plans. and yet another classic homeless pick up line: "hey hey.... AND I SAID hey hey!" mind you, really nothing could eclipse the memphis HPUL standard* set on february 6th with the whispered "i'm really into anal..................
..................................................................retentiveness," but alas others must try. thus, surreal. but nice. i think.

* to clarify- it was never my intent to become an archivist of HPULs. it has simply evolved into an intriguing sideline.

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