03 April 2006

1 i'm wide awake it's not morning

if you've known me for any length of time, you know my "sleep issues." after some months of life as a normal eight-hours-a-night person, a rough patch (likely exacerbated by the hour brutally stolen on saturday night) has come along. to be endlessly positive, this has enabled me to finish vanity fair and make plans (i do love plans). since the target list for this week's shopping adventure probably won't hold much fascination, here are my 54 (at which point i finally fell asleep) Will Do things (in no particular order except that in which they were written):

1. stand on the observation deck of a REALLY tall building at night
2. climb a mayan ruin
3. take a class on a completely useless subject
4. speak a foreign language in a foreign country without being laughed at
5. see elvis impersonators in at least 5 different countries
6. publish a book
7. gain entry to the graceland wardrobe archives
8. ride the paris metro without getting completely lost
9. paint regularly, even if it's only copying other peoples' paintings
10. tour every presidential library in the country
11. take my mum to paris
12. throw another penny in the trevi fountain
13. finish the silly yo-yo quilt
14. make a documentary, even if it's only 3 minutes with a digital camera
15. grow a banana tree
16. learn to sew (as in well enough to make clothes)
17. ride in a sleigh on PEI
18. write one really good, un-angtsy poem
19. dress up inappropriately fancy for a casual event
20. leave a $100 tip
21. say "i think not" very loudly in the midst of a heated argument
22. participate in invisible theater
23. tend a garden
24. speak publically at an audible volume
25. write a chapter (at the very least) of decent, semi-intelligent chick lit
26. be interviewed as an "expert" on something
27. sleep past noon on a weekday
28. participate in a pageant (christmas, easter, beauty or otherwise)
29. take dancing lessons
30. make a candle
31. run an antique store
32. take my soccer-playing cousin to a hipster concert
33. visit gettysburg
34. stop lipsynching happy birthday and sing it like i mean it
35. have breakfast near tiffany's
36. stand on the grassy knoll
37. take a civil war battlefield road trip
38. tour the imperial palaces of russia
39. be on jon stewart with l. for jb's body
40. learn poker
41. hook a fish
42. take a train cross-country
43. cut down a christmas tree
44. teach pilates
45. stop biting my nails
46. write another book
47. pronounce diversy correctly in conversation
48. similarly, remember to say "hobby lobby" instead of "hobbity lobbity"
49. spend an entire day at the met (walking briskly)
50. have a collie named knightly
51. have a cat named bingley
52. wear a big, red 1950s floppy hat for an entire day, indoors and out
53. buy a designer dress that isn't on sale and costs more than $50
54. write the jackie at the sorbonne book in paris

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Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

My friend John Whitehead worked at Graceland. He has promised to take me on a tour there and give me all the dirt. Here he is on IMDB: