27 March 2006

2 10 ways to get kissed*

the fabled document (circa spring 1999)-- which lindear and alicia penned when it looked like partner might get kissed and was passed on to me when she did-- has resurfaced, appropriately nestled against a ticket for simply irresistible. as has been previously noted, #3 altered the course of my life, but #6 (which makes making out sound eerily like a sit-up) and #7 (because, of course, our seventeen year-old response would have been precisely that) are little gems as well. so for the benefit of anyone who's forgotten the basics:

*Please note, these are not strictly "The 10 Ways to Get Kissed By Linda and Alicia," but are universally applicable.


JJerm said...

Number 2 always worked for me...and by worked, I mean happened once, but sometimes a man needs to take what he can get... and leaning forward isn't always a bad way to get there.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

It sure beats my old method of whining and begging. Now it is generally a very australopithecine sounding, "Sup" usually accompanied by a very emphatic push of the head or shoulder. haha.