20 February 2006

0 "your job is in portables? like toilets?"

it's apparently extremely abnormal to move somewhere just because you want to live there- not for a guy or a job or any other reason but that you love the place.

the inevitable response to my move has been: "oh did you get a great new job?" it's an awkward question to answer without delving into a whole complicated backstory about finishing grad school with $16 and moving back to memphis and having all this stuff happen and eventually going back.

i am, in fact, keeping the job at my dear little magazine in memphis and editing from chicago- something that doesn't quite make sense to most people. "how can you write about memphis from chicago?" they ask, as though we're living in the days of the pony express.

have expirimented with different responses to the why are you moving question. the freelancer option is tempting but a very very bad decision since it immediately brings on interminable lectures about employee security, health benefits and tax laws.

on several occasions have flippantly replied that my job can be done anywhere- which makes me sound like a hooker and elicits the hushed response, "what is it exactly that you do, dear?"

but by far the best was when i told this dear old man at church that my job was portable. he looked befuddled for a moment then this look of joyous understanding broke out on his face as he leaned in and said: "your job is in portables? like toilets?"

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